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Dental Insurance
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Is Dental Insurance right for you?

People buy dental insurance for a variety of reasons. Here are three of the most common reasons:

  1. To Pay For Costly Care.
    Dental care can be as simple as cleanings and x-rays or can involve costly care from orthodontics (braces) to crowns and oral surgery. Dental insurance generally pays all or a percentage of the charges related to your dental care.
  2. To Maintain A Healthy Mouth.
    Studies show that regular dental check-ups and cleanings help maintain a healthy mouth. That's why most insurance plans pay 100% for check-ups every six (6) months. Some will even cover (pay for) a check-up immediately after you are approved for coverage.
  3. To Protect Their Children.
    From cavities to braces, younger family members will benefit from regular professional dental care. Dental insurance can be a very affordable way to protect against the cost of regular check-ups. Your plan may pay for more costly care - even braces.

Is a Discount Dental Plan right for you?

Discount cards are offered as a way to lower the cost of dental care. These cards are especially attractive for people who do not have insurance or who have inadequate coverage. Discount cards allow for unlimited use of services by using a dental network and are based on a discounted fee schedule. The cost of your membership card is small compared to the potential savings for you and your family. 

Discount Dental Plans Key Features:

  • No Deductibles
  • No annual maximums or minimums
  • Quick Activation
  • No waiting periods
  • No pre-existing conditions or exclusions
  • No limits on use

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