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Q: Who will want to read this page?

Association Officers, Association Members and Agents who represent Associations.

Q: Why would an Association want to sponsor insurance benefit plans for members?

There are several good reasons:

  1. To increase membership. An Association sponsored insurance program can give members benefits like those enjoyed by big business employees. This is attractive to potential members.
  2. To keep members. Once insured, members like to maintain coverage. To continue eligibility, they remain members of the Association.
  3. To generate non-dues income. These additional funds can be used to support Association programs and help curb dues increases.

Q: What are the advantages of using a TPA (Third Party Administrator) such as Kelsey National Corporation to handle an Association insurance program?

There are 4 primary advantages:

  1. A TPA has access to products offered by many different insurance companies, which can provide a better tailor-made program.
  2. A TPA can offer members more personalized service.
  3. A TPA may be more willing to work with smaller Associations and Associations compiled of small businesses.
  4. A TPA is able to bill coverages from more than one insurance company together on one statement. This convenience is greatly appreciated by members.

Q: Who is Kelsey National Corporation?

Kelsey National Corporation (KNC) is an experienced and successful TPA which specializes in marketing and administering insurance programs for Associations. KNC does business in all 50 states of the USA.

  • In 1966 KNC established the first Fully-Insured small group trust program to offer quality benefit plans to members of sponsoring Independent Agent Associations.
  • National Group Trust, a multiple employer trust for firms in various industries followed in 1973.
  • KNC emphasizes superior plan design, management, marketing and administration. KNC selects outstanding carriers with a track record for strength and stability to underwrite product offers.
  • KNC enjoys such an excellent reputation nationally that many insurance industry Trade Associations have selected us to provide coverage for their own members.

Q: What products are available?

Currently, KNC offers the following competitive group insurance products, designed to help associations attract and maintain members:

  1. Medical - Group medical plan availability varies by state, based on state insurance department regulations.Traditional Indemnity plans pay a percentage of covered expenses after a deductible.
    -- PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations)
    contract with health care professionals and hospitals who provide service at discounted rates, so patients pay lower fees when they go to In-Network Providers.
    -- HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations)
    provide managed medical care with advantages such as low-out-of-pocket expenses and no claim forms.
    -- POS (Point Of Service) plans
    combine the cost-saving managed care of HMOs with the flexibility of going out-of-network for service at a lower benefit level.
    -- MSAs (Medical Savings Accounts)
    are tax-deferred savings accounts that work in conjunction with lower cost qualified Major Medical insurance plans. Money in the account can be used to pay the deductible and medical expenses not covered by the insurance. Insureds manage their own health care and have freedom of choice with respect to providers and services. There are tax advantages, as contributions are not taxable on federal and many state income tax returns, and funds accumulated in the MSA earn interest and grow on a tax-deferred basis.
  2. Dental - This popular coverage offers appreciated benefits at a very affordable price. Plans cover preventive, basic, and major dental care. Orthodontic and Vision Care are options.
  3. Life and AD&D - Consumers have the choice of several benefit schedules that offer basic to high limits of coverage. Accelerated "Living" Benefits may also be incorporated.
  4. Disability Income Protection - Both Short Term and Long Term Disability salary continuance plans are available to help protect people against financial loss when disabled. We also offer an innovative new plan that combines Short Term and Long Term coverage in one convenient plan.

Kelsey National can tailor a program
to fit an Association's specific needs
and is always open to introducing new products
into our portfolio.

For further information about Kelsey National Corporation's Association Sponsored Insurance Programs, please feel free to contact us.

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